Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quietest Pencil Sharpener

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to report that I am the proud owner of this:

and I love it! 

We have been plagued with pencil problems all year. We are on our 3rd electric sharpener! With this in mind, I was eager to try something new. Yay :)

I was lucky enough to try out one of Troy's "Quietest Pencil Sharpeners" from Classroom Friendly Supplies.

 It works wonderfully!
 Easy, quick and sharp pencils. Hooray!

 We tried it out with several first graders and they were able to do it. I think it also cuts down on kids sharpening just because they like to hear the electric sharpener run.

 I am planning to buy a second one in time to start next school year. 

Click on the picture above to check it out for yourself . . .


Brittany Kielar said...

Me to! It is AMAZING! It sharpens every pencil perfectly.

Sweet Seconds

TiffanyM said...

I first saw this sharpener on a couple of blogs back in February. My principal had said she was done ordering electric sharpeners so I passed the information along to her on this sharpener. Well my electric sharpener bit the dust yesterday (so I thought) so I sent a student to the office and she returned with this sharpener in BLUE! I am in LOVE with it. It even sharpens the CHEAP pencils perfectly. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

Becca said...

I have threatened to "borrow" Lory's pencil sharpener and "forget" to return it. Luckily she lets me still use it. I haven't used the electric one since she got it. I'm going to get two for school next year. :)

Rory Fugerson said...
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