Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have You Ever Wondered If Products Really Work?

Have you ever wondered if products really work the way they advertise???  
Well I have some great news.  My wonderful kiddos (my own) decided to test our iPad case out last night.  So let me give you some background.  I have two boys, a 4 year old, Dayton and a 2 year old, Teagan.  Last night Dayton was using the iPad on the couch.  Well, my very head strong 2 year old decided he wanted to use the iPad too.  So naturally Teagan tried to take away the iPad from Dayton.  So Dayton trying to get away from him stood on the couch and started screaming...  Dayton bound and determined that Teagan was not going to get the iPad, decided to get rid of it.... by throwing it across the room onto the floor. 

I just knew as I rushed over to my iPad laying on the floor that it would have a shattered screen, which it has already had once...  But as I looked down I noticed that it was not broken.  After picking it up and inspecting it a little more carefully.  I saw that it was really not broken.  So, of course I turned to Dayton and told him he was the luckiest little boy in the world....  That I had that AMAZING, WONDERFUL, SUPER DUPER iPad case, or he would be dead meat....:)  I have this case on my school iPad too. 

I got this case from Amazon.
It Really WORKS!!!!


Rachelle said...

Do you know what brand it is and where you got it?

Camille said...

Hi Rachelle, I got the case at Amazon. I added the link on my post. It is called a gumdrop case. I got my iPad in October, and after 9 days my screen was broken. My husband repaired the screen and I got this case so hopefully it wouldn't happen again. So glad I did!!!

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