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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Word Wall Makeover! Guess What? And Amber from Sparkles, Smiles and Student Teaching please contact me. You won and I don't know your email . .

Happy Wednesday! I have a question for you-How do you feel about your Word Wall? Well, I used to have a love/hate relationship with mine. What's more, is the children kindof regarded it as a "piece of the furniture." In the past I have utilized a variety of methods of posting the words on the wall-velcro, staples and push pins. I was never really satisfied and felt like it was easy for the children to use. A couple of weeks ago, I knew it had to change. As in, that very minute! I began taking all of the words down during the school day. I am sure the kids thought I had lost my mind! They soon realized I had a plan in mind. Here is a photo of a section of my new and improved Word Wall . . .I think the length in total is about 11 or 12 feet long.

I purchased the Word Wall Alphabet Tags from Melanie at Schoolgirl Style and the pocket charts from Amazon.

The children have LoVeD it and are using it soooooo much more. They are able to come up and borrow the word and then bring it back after using it. Yay!

Have a great evening! Oh! I almost forgot . . .something fun came in the mail  this week . . .any guesses?
                                     Becca, Camille and Chari, you can't guess!

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