Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crayon Storage Idea

As I mentioned a week or so ago, I  have been working on organizing my classroom and  getting next year's theme ready. I'm sure a lot of you have already seen or done this but I came up with an idea for my extra crayons. My students always have their own crayons but I have lots of extra that come in handy when certain colors are lost. I have included a before and after photo . . .we'll see how this works when school starts next year! 

Before . . .

After . . .
 I ordered this organizer from Amazon. I chose the black so that it won't show crayon marks as they rub on the material at the back of the pocket. I also have plenty of pockets for glue sticks, erasers, extra scissors, etc. It also looks really cute and colorful. ;)
Have a great evening!


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Great idea!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Lohren Nolan said...

I love the look of that! Such a great idea!

Totally Terrific Teaching Tools

Lohren Nolan

Mrs. Anderson said...

What a great idea!! If I order one, I am going to go with the black one as well. Thanks for sharing!

Buggy In Kindergarten said...

super cute idea!!! My kiddos always lose browns!

Mrs. Hodson said...

great idea! I use one of those organizers for markers and I think Ill get one for crayons too :)

Rachelle said...


Sue said...

Great Idea :)


Fonda Jones said...

Great Idea!!! We loose browns as well! Crazy!

Barbara said...

I love this idea! Simple, practical and looks awesome.
Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers

Laura said...

Cute idea! And so functional! Love!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Melissa said...

I just have a big box of extra crayons. This is so much smarter!

Dana Lester said...

Great idea! I have been following you for awhile on TpT and ran across your blog today. I am your newest follower. I hope you'll stop by mine sometime!
:) Dana
Fun in 1st Grade

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