Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bucket Filler Freebie

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend. We have 5 school days left . . .and leave it to me, I think I am getting sick! Just don't feel super great and have some cough thing going on. Good grief . . .

Anyway, I just purchased some adorable clip art from Nikki that is themed for the "Bucket Filling" program. Of course, I couldn't resist. The super cute frame is from The 3 AM Teacher.

I am going to be making some freebies featuring this set and I will post them as I get them finished.

The first freebie is a "Bucket Filler" Promise.

Click here to print

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
I'm linking up for Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies!


EmBellish said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! Just awarded you the Lovely Blog Award on my blog. Come check it out!

Tangled with Teaching

Lori Rosenberg said...

Your Bucket Filler Freebie looks great. However, I cannot find where to download it.

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Heidi said...

Cute freebie. I plan to read the Bucket Filler books this summer and hope to implement the ideas into my classroom. I found you at Manic Mondays. Thanks for the freebie. I also became your newest follower. I can't wait to do some more stalking of your blog :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Lori Rosenberg said...

Oopsie! I just found the link. I came back because I was sure the mistake was all mine. Love it! Thanks again!

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

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