Sunday, November 11, 2012

No Power

Friday morning was the second time this school year we spent a significant part of our school day without power. It was more of a challenge this time, mostly because for some silly reason winter has decided to visit here in Cedar. It was rainy and cold. There was no way we could extend recess! We were forced to scramble to figure out our entire day. I think our biggest challenge was the bathroom. No windows, no skylights. Super scary! Our lovely PTA volunteers saved the day with some lanterns, I have purchased one for my classroom on Saturday.

The whole experience got me thinking, I know how to put together an emergency kit for my home (in the process of doing so in fact), but what would I need to do for my classroom? What would I need? Do any of you have something put together for emergencies, or know have some ideas of what we could do?

Hopefully we will never need to use any kind of emergency kit for our little ones at school, but I believe that I just prepare now I won't have to worry about it again.


Lisa Mattes said...

Sheesh. No power. That is scary! In our district when the power goes out there's no school. That doesn't happen very often. Not sure if it's ever gone out mid-day, though. Scary to think about an emergency kit for school. Hmmm. Will have to think about that one. Better to be prepared, though, that's for sure.
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Sheree Peterson said...

We lost power on Friday too. But only for 15 minutes. I had battery tea lights from a Halloween activity. I gave each kiddos a tea light to read with. They loved it! Our PTA makes an emergency kit for each room. It has water, crackers, fruit snacks and blankets. I hope we never have to use them.

Becca said...

Sheree, I think I will pass that idea along to our PTA. Do you happen to know how they rotate the food items? How are they stored? It also looks like I might be in the market for some tea lights as well. That is a marvelous idea. Thanks!

sassygirl said...

Ironic, we lost power Friday, also. Their solution was to bus us to a nearby school that had power and extra rooms (we are a two room school so we weren't talking about many kiddos). I had to run around for five minutes in a practically dark classroom trying to gather up everything I would need to have a somewhat productive day. My kiddos were champs and enjoyed the day like a field trip. I was wiped out and ready for a three day weekend. Not looking forward to going back and putting it all away on Tuesday morning.

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