Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer Project/Summer Fun Linky Party . . .Updated with instructions and more detail-sorry!

Hello everybody! It is Wednesday Thursday. I hope it was a good day for all. We get out of school for the summer on the Friday before Memorial Day. How about you?
  I am a list maker so I am starting to think about the things I need to accomplish over the summer. I know we all have a long list! LOL.
 It gave me the idea to have a linky party so that we can share something from our summer project list and summer fun list. If you teach year round, and are teaching during the summer then share what your lists entail for when you are off track. How about it? Link up and join in  :)

Here's what to do:
I have included the graphic below for you to use in your blog. Link up at the bottom of this post, write about your Summer Project/Summer Fun on your blog with a link back to this post so that others can join in the Linky Party also. :)

Here's mine: (edited and better detail added because I am not in the middle of watching American Idol and because I realized that what I put for my summer project, I will have done before school gets out. )

Summer Project: 

 1. Delve deeper into the Common Core.

 2. Work on some things for my Teacher's Notebook store. 
3. Wash down the walls and baseboards in our home.

4. Lose 30 pounds.

Summer Fun: 

1. Going to San Francisco with my husband and son. (who will be home from college for the summer!) 

2. Going somewhere (yet to be determined-any ideas?) with my husband to celebrate his retirement.

3. Starting an ETSY business with my husband.
 (stay tuned for more info . . .)


applesandabcs said...

I need to think about this and then I will link up! :)


Apples and ABC's

Becca said...

My summer to do list is includes just one thing: try to be as organized as Lory!

Sandra said...

I am your newest follower from TBTS. Your FB page looks great! I clicked on the like button but it did not add 1 for me. Maybe it will show up for you! I just got my FB page up also.
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