Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun Ways to Review SeaSonS!

Here are some fun activities to review and practice seasons of the year.  I printed these pictures on card stock and them laminated them.  Then I had the students do a mix freeze group.  Each student had a picture, they mixed around the room and met with a student and told their partner what season their picture was.  "This is a picture of fall."  Then they switch pictures and mixed again to find another partner.  After they had mixed for several minutes, then I called out freeze.  Then yell out corners...

Then we played four corners.  I placed a paper with the name of the seasons in each corner.  The students have a picture and then they go to the corner that matches their picture.  Then they discuss to make sure everyone is in the right spot.   Then the students mix freeze again.  I call freeze.  The students go to the corner that matches their pictures.

After the students have practiced their seasons.  We can do a seasons line up.  Each student has a picture, they have to line up in order of the seasons, without talking.  You get to decide which season will come first.

Another game we played was seasons bowl.  The students use their chairs to form a circle.  Each child again has a picture of a season.  One person is in the middle, without a picture.  The child in the middle calls out a season.  Everyone with a picture of that season must move to another chair, including the child in the middle.  The child left standing gives his/her picture to the child who used to be in the middle.  The new child in the middle gets to call out the season.  If the child in the middle calls out seasons bowl.  All the children must move.  To make it more interesting, you can start talking out chairs, the person who does not get into a chair is out.  Just be warned you have to lay down strict rules, or it gets a little WILD!!!

Hopefully this all makes perfect sense, RIGHT?

Click here to download the pictures for the Seasons activities...

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Mrs. Hodson said...

We are doing a season review next week!This will be lots of fun! Thanks for the share :)


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