Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Magical Moments

Hey there everyone. I have a question for you . . . do you think that one of the best things about teaching is how fluid and unpredictable it is? I love that every day is just a little bit different. It is made up of moments big and small, serious and silly. I know that for myself, I sometimes get bogged down in the testing and high expectations we have of these little people and forget to stop and notice the little moments that are just plain fun . . . we had one of those today. All of the first graders are preparing 3 songs to perform for parents at our Spring Arts Night and we are practicing in our own classrooms in between the group rehearsals. I put one of the songs on today that they are just learning and what they did was so cute and completely their own doing as they gathered together on the rug to sing. I quickly grabbed the camera and well . . you can watch for yourself :)


Lori Faas said...

I love firsties! This is the first year that I have left my camera out on my desk at all times just so that I can catch those exact moments!


Lory Robinson said...

Hi Lori! Yes, firsties are great aren't they? Gosh, what would we do without cameras? We are so spoiled now. :)

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