Sunday, January 29, 2012

ARRGHHHHH! Don't Act LIKE a PIrate!!!

Lately my home life has been very crazy, partly because we are living with my in-laws while we build our house.  My two little boys have been to say the least, a little naughty.  My oldest little one (which is three) is really into pirates, so I made this little reward system to help them make some better choices.  Each morning they can earn a reward if they do everything on the list.  They get to put a clothes pin on each one they do, if they do it the first time they are asked.  Then later in the day they can earn points toward buying something from the giant treasure chest.  For this I just went and bought items they totally love from the Dollar Store or Walmart.  Each item is priced with a small label.  This has been awesome so far.  My kiddos have be striving to listen better and I can not tell you how much better my mornings have been.  I am ACTUALLY on TIME for work!!!!


Barbara said...

That's very cute. I remember the days when my soon-to-be-married "babies" were naughty little boys -- ha ha.

Grade ONEderful

Deb said...

I might have to copy this for a couple of kids in my CLASS!!! ;)

Oh My Little Classity Class

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