Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Dreaded Fatigue , Oi/Oy Word Find, Subway Art Printable

Good Morning Bloggy Friends! I hope you are well. I have to tell you,  it is nearing that time of year for me-the dreaded case of "fatigue". I always seem to start to run out of steam at this time in the school year {which is of course THE worst possible time}. Do any of you experience this and how do you ward it off? Or, am I the only one?

 On a cheerier note, I have a oi/oy word find to share and also wanted to tell you that I am starting to make my own "Word Art" or "Subway Art" printable signs. I made this one last night and posted it on, "The Robin's Nest". Come visit! Have a nice day. :)

Click here for Word Find

Click here for Subway Art


Chrissy said...

Love the word search. Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean about this time of year. I try to get into some fun science or social studies unit to help carry me through. Hang in there.
 Chrissy

First Grade Found Me

Barbara said...

Thanks for the freebie, Lory. Love your word art!

Grade ONEderful

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

You are NOT the only one...I am running out of steam, too! Hope we both get some much needed energy soon!! =)

First Grade Blue SKies

MissSmartiePants said...

Love !!!Thanks for the freebies!!!

Hello from a new follower!!

Kylie :)

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