Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thank You for 2 AwaRds! and Giveaway Reminder!

Wow! Tonight I need to say thank you for 2 awards! What a wonderful surprise!

Thanks so much to Beth Ann from Taming my Flock of Firsties for the Liebster award!
I am passing this award onto the following fun blogs:
Go by and visit these girls!

We also want to thank Kristy from Cozarts Class for the versatile blogger award!


The rules of The Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

Thank the person who gave you the award.

Share seven things about yourself.

Give this award out to other bloggers that you think are deserving.

7 Things about Me

1. My favorite beverages are sweet tea and chocolate milk.

2. I was born in North Carolina. I grew up in Alabama, Florida, Nevada and California. As an adult I've lived in Utah.

3. I'm married to my best friend!

4. Some of my favorite TV shows are the Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore,  Bob Newhart, I Love Lucy, Original Hawaii 5-0.  

5. I am most inspired by: my 19 year old college son, who is a good person every day. (and he is always patient with his nieces and nephews)

6. I am most affected by: My mother, who we lost suddenly in May, and we are all still amazed at the profound influence she had, and continues to have on our lives.
7. I have 3 grown step kids (not that we think of it that way) with 9 grandchildren and our Christmas shopping list is long, but I love being "Nana".

I am passing this award onto the following 15 super blogs!

Thanks again everyone and don't forget to enter our giveaway!


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Aww, thank you, girl! This makes my night!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Lory Robinson said...

You're welcome! Have a great Monday!

Natalie Kay said...

Thanks darlin!

Lory Robinson said...

You're welcome also Natalie!

Inspired Teacher said...

Hi there!

My name is Laura and I run the new collective blog called We are working to give encouragement and inspiration to teachers. I stumbled on your teaching blog today and loved all your practical ideas for first graders!

I just wanted to connect with you all via webworld and let you know about a new thing we are doing our way called Teaching Tip Tuesday where people can link up a past post they've written giving a practical teaching tip! We are giving away some sweet stuff over there for it, and would love to have you involved if you have a sec!

Thanks, and I look forward to connecting with you again! The link is:

Our plan is to run it every Tuesday, if you'd like to jump in! Have a great day!

Laura Parker

Busy Bees said...

Just found your darling blog. Cute ideas!

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