Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rainbow Editing

Sorry Had A Mistake On My First One.  I fixed the download, so it should be right....

So I am sure you have seen those cute posters for editing called the writer's eyes.  I came across them on pinterest and wanted them right away.  I only had one problem, they had a colored border on them and I thought this might confuse my students.  I use a method called rainbow editing in my classroom.  Becca was the one that turned me on to the idea (thanks Becca)!  Students use a crayon to look for each part in their story.  So as the students are editing their story they use a different colored crayon as they edit for spaces, capitals, periods, word wall words, title, ect.  

Which brings me to why I ended up making these editing anchor charts for my work on writing board.  Mine are not quite so cute, but they match the colors of our rainbow editing.  


Deb said...

This is awesome! Thank you!

Oh My Little Classity Class

Tricia said...

Love these! I just found your cute blog. I am your. Ewest followr

Queen with Class

Anonymous said...

Do you have an anchor chart for word wall words to go with this? If so, would love to have it to go with the rest! Awesome!

Alysa said...

Hi! I love your blog and just printed out your WAY cute rainbow editing posters. By any chance did you make one for "I see that all words are spelled correctly." ? I would to finish the set with that one. Great ideas-thank you so much for your fun blog!!


Love Teaching said...

Thank you so much for sharing! These are super cute! The checklist is perfect for my kiddos!

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