Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ladybug Classroom Theme

Hey everyone! How are you today?

 I send all of my prayers and best wishes to Boston. I have been riveted to the TV following the tragic events of the last week.

I have recently changed my mind about my classroom theme next year. I had intended to do School Girl Style's Primary Apple theme, but am now going to do School Girl Style's Ladybug theme, integrating some of my own stuff.

I think it will be super cute! This morning, I started a Pinterest board so that I can keep track of things and ideas that I find . . .if you know of some fun ladybug stuff, let me know!

I also made a little framed sign to get me started . . .

My husband and I have also been really busy at home. I just refinished a bench with homemade Chalk Paint, he made two batches of homemade soap and we are in the process of changing out the fixtures in our kitchen and bathroom sinks. I am starting to post some of those projects on my home blog

Have a good week!


Casey Wiggins said...

A ladybug theme is SUPER cute! I've been playing around with the idea of ocean for next year. I know it is so overdone but I'm over the jungle theme. Maybe I'll think of something cooler before July! :)


Casey Wiggins said...

Geeze, I didn't meant to leave my store link!!! I'm so sorry! I guess that was the last thing I copied, I mean to leave this link to my blog:

Second Grade Math Maniac

Sorry about that!!! :)

Unknown said...

No problem! Thanks for stopping by. An Ocean theme would be really cute!

Barbara said...

The ladybugs are going to be super cute!

Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Brigitte said...

I am brand new to teaching and also thinking about a ladybug theme. How far does the theme go in the classroom? Alhphabet, calendar etc.
But what abt the rug and bulletin board (kids work area) do you change that with the seasons? Does theme last the whole year?

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