Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thinking ahead to December

I can't help it! With Thanksgiving right around the corner my thoughts are turning to Christmas. I may even begin my Christmas decorating inside our home tomorrow. Our college boy will be home for Thanksgiving and I enjoy having everything festive so that he can enjoy it when he arrives! I still have a copy of one of the letters he wrote to Santa when he was in first or second grade! If I can find it, I am going to post it just for fun!In the meantime, here is a little form for writing to Santa. I made it in black and white because I know color ink can be costly. Let me know if you would like it in color.


YearntoLearn said...

So very cute! I'm your newest follower. Glad I found your blog.


Yearn to Learn Blog

Rachelle said...

So fun! I have my kiddos write to Santa and then Santa actually answers them back!!!! :) They love it so much!

Lory Robinson said...

Thanks so much!

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