Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monster Family Glyph

Have you seen these darling shape monsters?

Check out Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten for the original idea.
I just loved how they turned out, and I really wanted to make some in our class. The only problem was we were studying families not shapes, but it was sort of close of close to Halloween so I thought I could stretch it and make it a "Monster Family Glyph."

There really isn't a pattern for it. I did trace large shapes for the kids to trace and cut out a bazillion circles for eyes (note: don't try to use construction paper on the cricut, it doesn't cut very well.)

Here is what my "monsters" looked like.

The kids chose their favorite color, and their favorite shape. The eyes were the number of kids in their family. For their hair they had to pick enough strands to equal the number of letters in their last name (I didn't care what color). For the mouth if they were a girl they needed to cut a semi-circle, and a boy left them as rectangles. The number of teeth equaled their age (this is where the holiday interfered a bit-there were lots of dracula teeth). For the legs they each got a red strip (mom), blue strip (dad). Then, if they had a step mom they got a pink and a step dad they added a light blue strip. I just gave them a rectangle of black to make a "foot."

It was fun enough, I want to do it next year.


Delighted said...

Very cute! Thanks for posting.
First Grade Delight

Becca said...

I'm glad you liked it.

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