Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Brace

We all saw this great pumpkin brace (scroll down a bit) on pinterest, and immediately wanted to do this with our kids. We couldn't find the instructions, so we made up some of our own.

Here is what we came up with.

For the "whole pumpkin" each student will need: 1- 9x10 orange construction paper, 1- 1x2 brown construction paper. I had the kids cut their own pumpkin out, add the stem and then glue it on the left hand side of a 12x18 piece of black construction paper.

For the "parts of a pumpkin" each student will need: 1- 2x9 orange construction paper (skin), 1- 2x9 orange copy paper (flesh), small handful of shredded orange copy paper (pulp), 1- 3x4 white (cut multiple seeds from), 1- 1x2 brown construction paper (stem/peduncle). As we put the "parts of a pumpkin" side together, I showed the kids a cross section of a pumpkin we had left over from some of our pumpkin investigations from the day before. It made it easier for me to reinforce the different parts with the real thing in front of them.

Here are the words we used to label our pumpkins.

This is a definite addition to my yearly pumpkin unit. It was sooooo much fun!


Lory Robinson said...

This was lots of fun Becca! thanks!

Delighted said...

I just found your blog! I love your ideas. This will definitely become part of my pumpkin unit too!

First Grade Delight

Becca said...

No problem!

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