Thursday, October 27, 2011

How do you pick partners???

How do you pick partners in your class?  
This is one of the many things I use to help my students find a partner.  It is so slick to have the students pull out their paper and find their home base partner.  It is quick and easy, and I don't have to think about who I should pair with who.  Just a little hint about having your firsties fill this out.  Have them do it one at a time.  I explicitly modeled it for them too.  Have the students find their home base partner first.  When they find their partner, they switch papers and write their name on their partners paper on the home base line.  If you have an odd number you have the odd man out come to the dug out.  The odd man gets to pick any partnership they want to join and then they will be a group of three. 

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