Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do you Label...

  So I decided I needed to do some new labels in my classroom.  I have sort of a polka dot and star theme going on.  I labeled my crates.  I attached the labels with some ribbon that I tied into a bow.  I got this idea from Lory.

This is my favorite thing in my classroom right now.  I purchased one for my kiddos play room to store all their toys.  I liked it so much that I had to get one for my classroom.  I got it from IKEA.  It is a little pricey, around 110 dollars for the shelf and the totes.  The reason I love it so much, is because the totes slide into groves like a drawer.  They are so sturdy and you can pull them out from either side.  So this little gem is sitting in the middle of my room.   I have the oak one for my playroom at my house and I like them a lot better.  The grooves are built right into the wood.  The white one I got for my classroom has plastic grooves, that I had to screw in.  This makes the totes harder to slide in and out. 
These are my reading boxes for guided reading.  I have an aide that comes in to help with two of my groups.  There is a box for each reading group and the orange one is for the books we remove from their browsing box.  I like all my students to have around 5 books in their browsing box to practice during read to self.  
AaaHhhh, My writing,  this is my favorite thing to teach.  I love it...  This is their writing crate.  They put all of their finished work in this crate.  Each student has a colored hanging file.  I conference in groups, and this is the way I call them to conference.  If they have a yellow folder, they are in the yellow group.  Their personal writing folder is also the same color as their folder in their crate. 

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