Friday, June 29, 2012

Surprise Guest Blogger Saturday and Classroom Decor Find

Hey EveRyBody! I hope you had a great week. Today I wanted to share something I found recently for my classroom. Well, remember when I told you about that awesome large table/ottoman from Hobby Lobby? Pretty much a life changing event! Well, last weekend I was in Burlington Coat Factory and guess what?! I ran upon these two bean bag chairs and little table! (not to mention the little magazine box) There were only 2 of these chairs in the store and they matched PeRfEcTlY.

How is that for great luck :)

My other big news is that I have a super awesome surprise for you tomorrow. We will be visited by a guest blogger who is well. . .AMAZING! She is so creative and fun and is just a wonderfully generous, helpful person. I'm not going to tell you . . .you will have to wait until Saturday morning to find out who it is.  . .:)


Lee Ann said...

what did those awesome chairs cost? I love them! I've seen similar ones at other places, but I'm not ready to pay that much.

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Love those chairs!! I saw them at Burlington but didn't think I wanted to spend that much. Did you get them on sale?


Lory Robinson said...

Hi! They were $29.99 each at Burlington. They seem to be well made and are "chairs" as opposed to a round bean bag. At our Walmart, the small round bean bags are $15.00 and so I felt like the ones at Burlington were a good price in comparison. Have a great day!

Jaly Can said...

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