Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yummy Broccoli Cheese Soup and digital planning! Yikes!

Hello friends. Did you survive Halloween? It is kind of exhausting to me . . .and then we have the problem of the leftover candy which is a problem for my Weight Watchers Points!!! Speaking of points, we recently found a great recipe that is really low in points (only 2 per cup) but really tasty!! It is Broccoli Cheese Soup.
I made it for a school luncheon recently and lots of people want the recipe.

I started something new and daring this week. (daring for me anyway!) I started trying out digital lesson plans on the site. I have always been very traditional about a paper and pencil plan book, so we will see how this goes. I like the idea of being able to attach documents and links. Here is a screenshot of what I have done for next week so far,

I also love that there is a notes section for each subject/time so that I can type out details for a substitute one time and never have to again. I will give you a report next week and let you know how it is working out!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner?

Click here to download.

Have a great night!


Jeanne said...

I began using Planbook this year! It is saving me so much time as we have to include CC standards. They are just a click away!

Jessica said...

I want to know how it's going with Planbook! I tried it last year, but didn't have the time and energy to figure it all out. I'm thinking about re-trying it this year, but haven't decided if it's worth the effort.

I really like having my plans go the other direction (horizontal, rather than vertical), and I like having a static break for recess and lunch in the same place, visually.

But, I also see other benefits of Planbook, so I'm wondering if the benefits outweigh the annoyances.

What can you "not live without" and what annoys you about it?

What I Have Learned

Jenna Catlin said...

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Patricia Carter said...

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