Sunday, November 17, 2013

Current thoughts on

Hi friends! Another week has come and gone. Is it me or is the month flying by? I mentioned recently that I have been trying out digital planning with So far I am liking it. Here is just one reason: This year due to a lot of scheduling changes we have had to make both school wide and as a grade level, I have had to redo my plan book 3, yes 3 times. I make mine in Publisher, print it and bind it. Well, this week brought yet another scheduling change we had to make in first grade. I simply logged into my online plan book and with 2 clicks changed the times around. Took about a minute. Yay! After what I have already been through with my plans this year that was nothing short of miraculous. :) I also like that I can type the instructions for a substitute once and it can carry over. I can also print the week out as a PDF for either myself or for a substitute. I also like that I can insert Standards if I desire to.

I can also make changes on my IPad which is super convenient when I don't feel like getting out of bed and getting my computer. LOL!

Here is a link to my plans for this week so far

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