Monday, June 10, 2013

Character/Lifeskill Posters Freebie

Happy Monday! Are you out of school for summer break yet? We have been out for 2 weeks. 
As I have mentioned we have a list of home projects we are working on. Next week, we are going to work on the garage. We are painting the walls, organizing and putting an epoxy coating on the floor. We will see how it goes. ;)

A couple of days ago we made a new batch of handmade soap. I LOVE how it turned out. It is Peppermint Mocha. We got the recipe from Offbeat and Inspired.

Here is Freebie 4. It is a set of 6 posters that address the 6 Pillars of Character. We are going to be using this program for our school this coming year.

Click here to download and print.

Have a great evening!

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Sarah said...

Hi Lory! This freebie is so stinkin cute! I love it! :) Thank you so much for sharing...PS. I thought that soap was fudge! Looks yummy enough to eat! lol


Lory Robinson said...

Too bad it isn't edible! It looks yummy . . .
Lory :)

Miss Walker said...

The posters are great for our "Character Counts" theme at our school. Thank you for sharing!

Lory Robinson said...

Glad they will be helpful!

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