Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The effects of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS and a FREEBIE!

Here in Utah we have daylight savings time. :(  If you don't have to switch back your clocks in your state, you are probably not feeling like death warmed over every single morning....  It is the third day since we have been on the "new time."  Each morning you would think would get better, but my body has not adjusted to waking up an hour earlier and going to bed an hour later.  Anyone else feeling the effects of Daylight Savings Time???

On a happier note!  Here are some fun reading strategy anchor charts!  We read them every day in reading groups and when my students get stuck we go through them like a checklist!  I posted them on TPT!  But here are a couple free ones! 

Teacher Pay Teacher     OR    Freebie


Sarah said...

When I had to drive into work on Monday it was raining and super dark! I did not like it. I like having the extra brightness at the end of the day, but not darkness in the am :(


Barbara Leyne said...

I live in BC and we have daylight savings, too. I DON'T like it either. I just wish the time would stay the same like it does in Saskatchewan.
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1stgradefireworks said...

WAY CUTE! Thanks! We in NorCAL lost an hour of sleep too! I like the longer evenings, mornings are hard! Stop by and say HI! wendy

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