Sunday, December 9, 2012

Letter for Rudolph, Linky Party

Tammy from "Dots of Fun" had a great freebie giveaway this week. I had such a busy week, I missed out on grabbing most of the images, so I bought the set this morning. It was worth it to me to buy the set, even just for the bell! It reminds me of this bell which holds great sentimental value for me. My dad gave it to my mom when I was a teenager. My parents are both gone now, but when my son was a child, my mom gave it to us. We put it on our tree every year. It has always been Austie's job to place it on the tree, even now that he is 20 years old! I have it set aside for him to put on the tree when he gets home from college for Christmas next week!

Anyway, since I seem to have reindeer on the mind this morning (see previous post) ,
 I decided to make a template for my class to write to Rudolph, which always proves to be lots of fun!

Click here to download

I am linking up with Tammy for her Linky Party. pop on over to check it out!

Have a great day!


Tammy Ferrell said...

Thanks for linking up!!! What a cute idea...writing to Rudolph!!! Everyone writes to Santa but what a great way to change it up:)

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Barbara said...

Your bell story is very sweet:)

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