Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fun, Free, TpT and Family

 Hey EvErYoNe! Wow, I can't believe it is Saturday evening already. This week has gone by really fast. I spent  lot of time working in my classroom this week because this time next week we will be leaving on a 10 day vacation and when we return I only have a few days before we officially report back to work. I am trying to gets lots done before then because I don't want to come home and feel disorganized.

 I mentioned the other day that I was waiting for a special parcel to arrive. Here it is:

This is box of super awesome school supplies provided to me free of charge from to enjoy and try out. Well, to start with I want to say the size of the box floored me as I was expecting a little bubble mailer or something . . .Here are some photos of the great things in the box . . .
desk tags, note pad, postcards, trim
incentive charts, stickers, name tags

baskets, posters, file folders

bulletin board trim

ink pads, flash cards, erasers, bookmarks, stamp, pens,

WoW! Lots of really cute stuff. Guess what? These items are available at Walmart for 88 cents each. Yes! Less than a dollar per item. Pretty amazing to get a pack of bulletin board trim for example for 88 cents!

I have been making some signs/labels for my classroom this week and I wanted to share them with you. Now, I want to warn you that the font I used may not be everyone's cup of tea. I just found it, think it is cute and it doesn't bother me at all. If you like it also, then feel free to download and print the following signs:

Click here to print signs if you like the font!

In addition, I have listed some binder organization sets in a few new patterns in my TpT store.  . .

and just for fun . . .

Our "fur-baby" watching dad paint a cupboard in the yard . . .

Our "boy-baby" who is turning 20 in one week. . .

Have a great rest of the weekend to all . . .


Tamera said...

Just found your blog and I am your newest follower.
Stop by sometime.

Lisa R. said...

Thanks for the cute signs!! I love Walmart's new line of school supplies! It's such a great deal. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. Cupcake said...

Great stuff!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Leslie - The Groovy Teacher said...

My goodness Lory - has anyone ever told you, that your sweet little fur baby looks so much like McDuff? Do you know those stories by Rosemary Wells. What a sweet dog.

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