Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FUN Find at Hobby Lobby and Freebie!

Hi Everybody! I mentioned the other day that I went inside a "Hobby Lobby" for the first time last week while we were in Las Vegas. Well, I am so jealous of anyone that lives near one of these awesome stores. We are  few hours away, which actually might be a good thing or I would be there all the time. Anyway, WOW. . . so much stuff to look at and such a great variety! I happened across a piece of furniture that I really, really wanted for my classroom. Well, it was quite large and so my husband said let's come back and get it on our way out of town tomorrow so that we can measure and make sure it will fit in the car. That's what we did and here it is . . . . I think it will be super cute in my reading corner. It would have been PeRFEcT if it had been purple instead of pink on the top but it will still work well. It is quite a nice size at 32 inches wide by 16 inches tall.

Also, I have a freebie to share if you pass out a folder of important papers at Back to School Night. I run mine off on card stock and glue to the front of a file folder.  
The printable file includes Kindergarten through Third Grade

Click HERE to print

Have a nice evening :)


Jennifer Tilton said...

Love your stool/table! I have never seen anything like that at our Hobby Lobby. Thank your for sharing the freebie!

TammySF. said...

That is adorable!!! There is a Hobby Lobby in my town....sorry....I don't mean to rub it in:)

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Mrs. Reimann said...

Super cute! Thanks for the freebie!


Jenn Long said...

That's it!
On the next rainy day I'm going to the nearest Hobby Lobby!! I'm not quite sure where one is, but I'm going to find it and go!
Everyone is always finding the cutest stuff at that place and I just know I'm missing out! :)

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Nicole said...

Love that stool!! I don't know what I would do without Hobby Lobby!! I would have to make extra special trips just to go! :)
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Lory Robinson said...

I can't wait to go back!

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

I think I may be going to Hobby Lobby today. Love the seat.


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