Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have started to teach my little firsties adjectives.  I wanted to have an anchor chart for my students to refer to when they are writing.  So I decided to make an adjective web with the different types of adjectives: size, smell, colors, ect.  So I made these headers, so I could keep them from year to year.

First off we read some adjective books.  These are some of my favorites...

Then as a class we brainstormed words to fit under each header.  I had my students think/pair/share before actually telling me what to write under our header.

Think-Pair-Share is a cooperative discussion strategy.

Think.  The teacher asks the students a question.  The students thinks about the question, I usually do 30 seconds to a minute.

Pair.  Using designated partners (such as the baseball partners), or just nearby neighbors, students pair up to talk about the answer each student came up with.  They identify the answer they think is the best.

Share. After students talk in pairs, the teacher call for the pairs to share their thinking with the rest of the class.

I do this strategy a lot, because I believe that students learn best when they are able to talk about the content.

I was amazed with some of the words they came up with.  Some I hadn't though of.  After we had enough words for a whole page, I pushed print and put it under our header.  I am so excited to report that during work on writing I have noticed my students getting up to use the adjective web.  They love using the "NEW" words to make their stories better. 

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