Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LInky Party

So here is my cute thirty-one bag. My best friend sells this stuff and I had never heard of it before then. We live in a small bubble, in our little city. Polka dots is my favorite. So me...
I love this bag, most days it is bulging with books, and homework. I always tell myself I am not going to take anything home, but it is always filled to capacity when I walk out the door. Sometimes I wonder if it is going to break, but it holds strong.:)
Here is all the stuff I can't live without. My droid, my iPod touch, charger, thumb drives, and my fave lip gloss. I would absolutely die if I couldn't listen to Pandora everyday. The best invention ever...
Here is my yummy snack and my water bottle. Love that water bottle.
My school keys and yep another thumb drive... Gotta store all my crap somewhere. I also have a drop box account, which is almost full. My little bro gave me this lanyard when I graduated college, which was a while ago. It is getting a little shabby, but I can't seem to get rid of it.
The plethora of books that I am trying to use and read. A little bit of light reading, right? My cute husband has threatened to throw them in the toilet. I stay up way to late reading and blog hopping.
Gotta have these... These are my favorite pens to use. I use them late night to mark all the great ideas that I am going to try to implement into my classroom. I have such good intentions:)

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Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Love that polka dot pattern, I think that might be my next purchase! I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag

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