Monday, September 12, 2011

Daily 5...

My first post... I am so excited to share with you my Daily 5 checkoff board. I just started using it today, and it was totally slick. When the students get to school as part of their morning routine, they pick their Daily 5 choices for that day. Right now we are only doing 2 rounds of Daily 5, because we are still building stamina. Every student in my class also does writing for the last Daily 5, so that is why they can only pick it once throughout the week. I like the board, because I have some control over their choices and the best part is they don't even know:) In years past, I always had students asking have I done read to self today or they would pick the same Daily 5 all the time. This way, they know what they have chosen and they have to pick certain ones more often throughout the week.

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Anonymous said...

that's great! I just use the check list form, but I bet this works great! How creative!!!!

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