Monday, January 21, 2013

Diet, Consonant Blends and Currently!

Hi everyone! Gosh, I am FiNaLLy getting around to the January Currently! I have started a diet recently and I think all of the changes are making my brain HaYwIrE. . .It is based on this book:

Click here to see it on Amazon

So far, I am really liking it. My husband and I are both following the first 6 week plan. The most notable part of that is that I have given up

Sweet Tea
Chocolate Milk

These were pretty much my favorite things so that is a huge accomplishment for me. However, they were both adding tons of calories to my diet. 

I also want to mention that I just added an item to my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook Store. I know, amazing that I actually accomplished that! Here is a preview . . .they coordinate with the R Controlled Vowel set that I posted here yesterday as a freebie.

And finally, here is my January Currently. Thanks to Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for such a cute idea.

 Have a nice evening. :)

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