Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I made a Word Work discovery!

Do you ever get so used to what you have been doing that you forget to look for something new? That happened to me this week.

 We are just beginning our training on Word Work in Daily 5. I have the usual assortment of  magnetic letters, tiles, doodle boards, etc. Well, as I was standing in Camille's room visiting with her during recess I started poking into her little Word Work drawers. (We just happened to be standing in front of them and I couldn't resist. We are pretty casual in our grade level and look at each other's stuff all the time, which is great!) 

Anyway, lo and behold I discovered 2 NEW things. It was very exciting! I am sure they aren't new to anyone else, but in my defense, I have no little children at home anymore and so my exposure is rather limited. This combined with the fact that my husband is the Walmart shopper, means I am somewhat sheltered! ;) 
Here they are:

This prompted me to head back run to my computer to see where I could purchase these items.  (I found them at Amazon, but they may also be available at your Walmart and Target.) 

I decided to redo my Word Work area, so I made some new tags for my canvas drawers. 

Click here to download


Lisa Mattes said...

Those swirly pencils look SUPER fun!! I haven't seen those! The dry erase crayons are nice for building finger strength as they offer more resistance on a whiteboard and are harder to erase. They do kinda leave a film after a while, though, and in super hot/humid weather they kind of melt. Sooo nice to have alternatives, though!!

I'd be honored to have you stop by my blog! My Thirty One giveaway is going on through tomorrow night.
Growing Firsties

Sheree Peterson said...

Love the swirly pencils. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing! I did not know about the pencils.

Barbara said...

I love the swirly pencils too. I'm going to look for some. Thanks!
Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers

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