Saturday, August 18, 2012

Smart Board Pointer

I am excited to say that I had the opportunity to try out a really cute and useful product from

They are super cute and designed to help those children who no matter what can't seem to get the image to move on the smart board. I have had a few of those little kids and it is so frustrating for them. This pointer is designed to solve that problem. We tried it out in class the last couple of days and it really does move the image on the smart board. In addition to that, they are super cute and colorful. I wish I could tell you the length of the stick but mine are at school and I forgot to measure, but I am sure they can answer that question if you email them. Im going to guess about 15 inches?   This is what they look like when they arrive in their little packages . . .Thanks Joanne for being so great to work with!


Samantha said...

What a great idea! There are so much cuter than the pompom my kids use. =)
Ms.Smarty Pants

mrs. mindy said...

Do they work with any board or only SMART, I have an E-Beam and use the ActivInspire software... love the idea of these.

Lory Robinson said...

I'm not sure, I think they would work with Activinspire if the surface of the board is the same. If you go to their website, you can contact them . .

Barbara said...

Those are super cute. I think I'll buy some!

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