Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We ARE really here! I know it's hard to believe. . .also late New Year's FREEBIE!

Gosh, we really seem  to be taking an extending break on posting to the blog! I have been spending time just enjoying my home and family for a while. We had a great vacation to Disneyland over the Winter break. The weather was fantastic. about 75 degrees every day that we were there! That is quite a treat when you live in the cold and snow during this time of year! We are now gearing up for the New YEAR both at home and at school. For some reason, the beginning of January always makes me feel like organizing and cleaning things! do you feel this way also? Chari has started an office organization project that I am going to ask her to share . . .

We are also in the process of planning for a wedding. Our "baby" is getting married at the end of April. Wow! We are so fortunate that we love his intended like family already. :)

My first graders sure came back from break ready to learn! It is so amazing to see how mature and capable they are becoming. . .the end of the year will be here before we know it!

I am sure everyone is way more on top of things than I am and have already talking about setting goals and resolutions with your class-but just in case, here are a couple of freebies . .

Click here to download.

Click here to download.

Have a great day!


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